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You NEED to stop telling yourself these lies.

Mindset is so important when it comes to business, in fact it has been said that business is 80% mindset, 20% strategy.

Lets put things into perspective…

Have you ever been told you were not good at something? Maybe when you were at school?

At some point we all have. Remember that feeling… did it make you want to continue whatever it is you were doing? Or did you feel stupid and stop doing it?

Well, the same thing happens when we talk to ourselves like that. Telling yourself you can’t do something, can literally stop you in your tracks… you start to believe it and everything you have been working towards seems pointless.

How can you expect other people to believe in your business if you don’t believe in it yourself?

Instead of “I can’t do it”…… try “I don’t know how, YET”

Instead of “ i’ll never be as big as THAT business” ……” THAT business is my motivation, if they can do it, I can”

Change the way your brain works, start training it to naturally pick yourself up instead of putting yourself down.

Change comes from a collection of small actions - start today.



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