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Why should you be celebrating every single follower?

A follower is a real person who has genuine interest in your page.

If you had one person walk in to your shop/clinic/salon you would be so excited because it’s a potential buyer.

They might not buy straight away - they might just be browsing, but there is still a very high chance of them buying from you at some point.

Well, your social media platforms are your virtual shops/Salon/clinics. It’s really hard to get lost in the vanity metrics. We can stop appreciating when we gain new followers because we are always focusing on how big our page looks to other people.

Its time to stop seeing numbers and start seeing the real people behind each follower.

Its important to focus your energy on Who is already following you rather than constantly just trying to get more followers.

Make a connection with your current followers, and take the steps to convert them to customers/clients.

Get to know them, create a relationship with them as they are real people and not just a number.

Give them reasons to keep following your account and to eventually buy from you ♥️

Glitter Art

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