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PSA - your clients do not want to see you involving yourself in drama.

There is really nothing more off putting for a client/customer than to see business owners shading each other on social media.

You can make yourself appear unapproachable to potential clients, and your current clients may look to find someone who is not engaging in high school behaviour 🙃

Attempting to tear down another business in the same industry (or any industry for that matter) will never increase your own success.

In oversaturated and unregulated industries, people lust after professionalism.

Imagine you have two aestheticians with equal skills and knowledge.

One is extremely professional, never airs personal issues and has a beautiful, peaceful energy.

The other is constantly posting angry rants, engaging in arguments, tagging and shaming their “rivals” and is surrounded by drama.

Which one would you pick?

Think about it 💭

Creating toxic energy related to your business is a one way ticket to loosing your love for it.

Focus on yourself and ONLY invest your energy into positive aspects of life.




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