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This is the thought of the day, week, month, year and forever.


It is so easy to get consumed by the virtual reality of social media, and believe what we see.

We put pressure on ourselves because we do not look like that person or we are not as successful as that person, but most of the time… “that person” wish they were in a completely different situation.

It is likely that we are all a little bit guilty of portraying a different life to the one we actually live, Instagram gives us a platform on which we can present our own version of reality to the world.

This is absolutely fine, why not?! But when you’re comparing yourself to someone else remember it is highly likely they are also showing you their own version of reality, not reality itself.

This is your reminder to not let the pressures of social media get you down, to only focus on your own self growth and self love and to be proud of every single achievement no matter how big or small.

Have a beautiful day 🤍



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