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Why Content Is More Important Than Engagement

Are you constantly engaging with other accounts but aren’t seeing any growth of your Instagram?

There is a reason for this...

Your content.

If you’re are not posting quality content, you can’t expect people to want to engage with it.... you get out what you put in!

Consistency is also key 🔑

Posting once every few weeks will further damage your reach and position on the algorithm.

Implementing an engagement strategy will help you to increase your growth, engagement and most importantly.... SALES 💰

Apply these 4 simple steps and watch your account flourish!

1. Post at least 5 times per week

You will instantly increase your engagement with this tactic alone... and stay fresh in your audience's minds.

2. Study your insights to see your most popular posts

Ensure to create more posts that emulate the same style as your previous popular content.

3. Post more reels and carousel posts (multiple slides)

Reels and carousel posts are prioritised by Instagram, and gain the highest reach.

4. Add a call to action

Ask your audience to engage by adding a CTA in the caption, this will increase engagement massively.

Don’t have time? Browse our Social Media Management Packages, we will post for you!

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