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One thing I see most commonly from my clients is unjustified fear of what others will think of their social media posts.

They worry of coming across as “cringey” and “embarrassing” in front of the people who know them personally.

Lets break this down.

A person who see’s you as “cringe” is not a person you want to surround yourself with.

Think more about the opinions of the people in your life who support you every step of the way. The ones who are rooting for you always. The ones who want whats best for you.

Fear creates limitations, especially when it comes to business. Stopping yourself from doing certain things due to the fear of judgement, will stunt your growth massively.

Shying away from being true to yourself can remove relatability from your brand. Something we all know is extremely valuable.

Stop worrying what those girls from your hometown think about your long, meaningful captions.

Forget what your ex thinks about your “little business”

Ignore what your old colleagues think of your reels and tiktoks.

You know why?


If someone has an issue with you striving for success, thats a THEM problem, not yours.

99% of the time its down to pure jealousy that they couldn’t break the mould and start their own business.

Keep doing you.

They will laugh at your “little business” until it makes more in one month than they make in a year 💅💅💅



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