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When they question your prices…RUN!!!

Jokes, but it’s definitely a red flag if someone asks you to lower your prices, here’s why.

Never, ever under value yourself.

You have set your prices for a reason, because you are worth every penny and your hard work and skillset shows for it!

If a customer is asking you to lower your prices, they don’t value you or your work! They only want the product or service for as cheap as possible.

(Hey, they’ll soon learn what cheap will get them when they go to someone much less experienced and skilled as you)

What they don’t realise is that your price, equates to your level of expertise. From every angle.

The quality of the product or service that you offer.

The quality of the work that goes into it.

The time and effort that goes into creating it.

And the details that you work on to ensure it’s perfect for them.

NEVER lower your prices for anyone!

You don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t value you or what you do.

In fact, raise em girl.

You deserve more - raise those prices queen.

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