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2022 Is My Year!

This incredible news came to me last year and I wanted to wait until I had processed it properly to share it with you all.

I have been hired as an Associate Lecturer of Social Media at London College of fashion - University of the arts London.

This is by far the biggest shift in my business, and I still can’t believe that it is happening.

Going from zoom calls on my iPad in my bedroom, to teaching hundreds of BA(hons) students, is honestly a dream for me and one that is more than I could of ever imagined.

Never in a million years would I have thought my business would’ve grown this much in a short space of time and I have all of you to thank for it. All of you that constantly support me and my business, buy my new product launches, hype me up, recommend me to friends, and of course engage with my socials.

This is an evolutionary step for my business, and it is the first of many. There will be lots of changes within the business and how we run it, (I always say we because I have an amazing team of people behind me).

We will be running the business as usual, but incorporating new and exciting elements which will be completely unique and original.

It’s going to be an amazing year and I am so excited for what is to come.

I hope that you will all share my excitement with this announcement, and thank you once again ♥️

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