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  • 1:1 CANVA Training (1.5 Hours)

    Well, now you can! (No need for photoshop or expensive programs!) Introducing the bespoke 1-1 Design Training Session INDIVIDUAL 90 minute session £347 Learn everything you need to know about creating beautiful and engagement provoking graphics! Includes - Canva Introduction - Picmonkey Introduction - How to view and edit templates - How to use Canva tools - How to use Picmonkey tools - Glitter - Shiny Text - Animated Stories - Font effects - Post formats - Background remover - Picture colour search - Creating Social Media posts - Clip Art - Fading Images - Animation - & Much More! Canva and Picmonkey are widely used graphic design platforms that offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to create stunning visuals for a variety of purposes. This session contains everything you need to know to become an expert and create high quality, luxury social media posts, posters, stickers, marketing materials and more! Our 1:1 design session is incredibly valuable for anyone who wants to improve their design skills, create compelling visuals for their personal brand or workplace, or level up their design knowledge in a short amount of time. We will organise a time and a date that suits you after purchase. The course will be held via Zoom - where we will screen share demonstrations. The session is recorded and a copy of the session will be emailed to you for you to rewatch as many times as you would like. PLEASE READ - The date & time you select when purchasing is NOT the date your training will be. This is because we need time to put together a personalised session for you. Upon purchasing we will contact you to arrange a time & date that suits you.

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  • Why should you be celebrating every single follower?

    A follower is a real person who has genuine interest in your page. If you had one person walk in to your shop/clinic/salon you would be so excited because it’s a potential buyer. They might not buy straight away - they might just be browsing, but there is still a very high chance of them buying from you at some point. Well, your social media platforms are your virtual shops/Salon/clinics. It’s really hard to get lost in the vanity metrics. We can stop appreciating when we gain new followers because we are always focusing on how big our page looks to other people. Its time to stop seeing numbers and start seeing the real people behind each follower. Its important to focus your energy on Who is already following you rather than constantly just trying to get more followers. Make a connection with your current followers, and take the steps to convert them to customers/clients. Get to know them, create a relationship with them as they are real people and not just a number. Give them reasons to keep following your account and to eventually buy from you ♥️ Glitter Art #contentcreator #socialmediamanagement #contentcreators#socialmediaexpert #socialmediaforbusiness#socialmediamanager #luxuryservice #beautybiz#beautyindustry #beautybusiness #lashtech #aesthetician#femaleentrepreneurs #femaleentrepreneur #bossladymindset#shehustles #womenownedbusinesses #womaninbusiness#sheboss #ladypreneur #sixfigurechick #bossbabes#hersuccess #girlpreneur #womanceo #thebossbabesociete#manifestationbabe #graphicdesigns #logodesigner#brandyourbusiness

  • This is the thought of the day, week, month, year and forever.

    THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. It is so easy to get consumed by the virtual reality of social media, and believe what we see. We put pressure on ourselves because we do not look like that person or we are not as successful as that person, but most of the time… “that person” wish they were in a completely different situation. It is likely that we are all a little bit guilty of portraying a different life to the one we actually live, Instagram gives us a platform on which we can present our own version of reality to the world. This is absolutely fine, why not?! But when you’re comparing yourself to someone else remember it is highly likely they are also showing you their own version of reality, not reality itself. This is your reminder to not let the pressures of social media get you down, to only focus on your own self growth and self love and to be proud of every single achievement no matter how big or small. Have a beautiful day 🤍 #contentcreator #socialmediamanagement #contentcreators#socialmediaexpert #socialmediaforbusiness#socialmediamanager #luxuryservice #beautybiz#beautyindustry #beautybusiness #lashtech #aesthetician#femaleentrepreneurs #femaleentrepreneur #bossladymindset#shehustles #womenownedbusinesses #womaninbusiness#sheboss #ladypreneur #sixfigurechick #bossbabes#hersuccess #girlpreneur #womanceo #thebossbabesociete#manifestationbabe #graphicdesigns #logodesigner#brandyourbusiness

  • We 🤍 a returning client, especially when they are as lovely as @baselaserstudiouk

    Another bundle of content for this incredible business… how luxurious do these feel?! Want some posts of your own? 🤍PERSONALISED SOCIAL MEDIA POST’S 🤍 Whether you need a few posts or an entire month's worth of engagement provoking social media content, we have your back. We create luxurious and bespoke feed and story content ready for you to post for as little as £45 (the cost of 5 posts). How does it work? You can either provide us with a list of content you would like, or we can offer suggestions if you're unsure! Either way, we will collaborate to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your content. 🤍 5 pieces £45 🤍 10 pieces £85 🤍 15 pieces £120 🤍 20 pieces £150 🤍 25 pieces £185 🤍 30 pieces £220 #contentcreator #socialmediamanagement #contentcreators#socialmediaexpert #socialmediaforbusiness#socialmediamanager #luxuryservice #beautybiz#beautyindustry #beautybusiness #lashtech #aesthetician#femaleentrepreneurs #femaleentrepreneur #bossladymindset#shehustles #womenownedbusinesses #womaninbusiness#sheboss #ladypreneur #sixfigurechick #bossbabes#hersuccess #girlpreneur #womanceo #thebossbabesociete#manifestationbabe #graphicdesigns #logodesigner#brandyourbusiness

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  • About Fay & Socialuxe UK | Digital Designer, Lecturer & Entrepreneur

    Meet Fay DESIGNER. LECTURER. ENTREPRENEUR. After running a successful design business and lecturing in marketing at one of the worlds most renowned Fashion Universities, I decided it was time to share my skills and knowledge with the world. I realised that I wanted to create ways to give people the most precious gift of all... more time . One of the biggest complaints I hear from fellow entrepreneurs is that they don't have enough time to get all of their work completed AND live life the way they want. it feels almost impossible to do it all as one person. Being a business owner means you take on the role of about 10 different job titles. Today I have helped thousands of business owners save valuable time so they can spend more time doing what they enjoy the most . I offer a range of different products and services at different price points to ensure that no matter the budget, I can help you. GET TO KNOW ME on a more personal level... • I LECTURE IN MARKETING AT LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION • I HAVE WORKED IN FASHION AND BEAUTY FOR OVER A DECADE • WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER IS MY FAVOURITE SLOGAN • I LIVE IN LONDON BUT TRAVEL OFTEN • I AM A CRAZY CAT LADY - MOTHER TO TWO BLUE BRITISH SHORTHAIRS • I AM A NIGHT OWL - MY MOST CREATIVE IDEAS COME TO ME AT NIGHT What makes me different to other business mentors? Unlike most individuals in the coaching and mentoring world, I will not bombard you with screenshots of my bank account, and claims that I went from 0 - 500K in six months. THERE ARE TWO REASONS FOR THIS: 1) I believe that everyone has their own goals and success comes in many shapes and forms. Happiness, fulfilment and enjoyment should be celebrated just as much, if not more than sales. I feel that hyper-focusing on earning a certain figure can often lead to the opposite: unfulfillment, which will never lead to celebrations. 2) I have witnessed first hand that a large portion of coaches and mentors are untruthful about their financial success in order to sell their products and services. Success sells and of course if someone is claiming they earn six figures a month you will be intrigued about their offer. Having seen this first hand, I knew that I never wanted to promote unrealistic dreams and make false promises. My focus is on helping individuals. To create more FREE TIME FOR THEMSELVES so that they can enjoy their life rather than spendin g the majority of it grinding and hustling. WORK WITH ME

  • GIFT CARDS | Socialuxe UK

    GIFT CARD £25 You can't go wrong with a gift card. Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own. (E-VOUCHER - Digital Version Only) ... Read more Amount £25 £50 £100 £150 £200 Quantity Buy Now

  • Socialuxe UK - Social Media Consultant for Female Founders

    To spend more time DOING WHAT YOU LOVE IN YOUR BUSINESS, your social media needs to be EFFORTLESS But right now, it probably isn't feeling that way. Social media might be leaving you feeling incredibly overwhelmed. DON'T WORRY, WE CAN HELP WITH THAT! WORK WITH US JOIN THE CANVA CORNER Access 100+ Social Media & Branding Templates ​Upgrade Your Social Media with Bespoke Post / Story Designs Learn How to Design as Well as an Expert, at Your Own Pace ACCESS TEMPLATE SHOP SEE HOW WE CAN WORK TOGETHER LEARN MORE HEY! I'm Fay, your new social media consultant. I'm the founder of Socialuxe UK. Since 2020, I have been focused on helping individuals create more free time for themselves so that they can enjoy their life, rather than just surviving, grinding and hustling all the time. Want to know more? READ MY STORY For discounts, giveaways and EXCLUSIVE FREE TRAINING TOOLS subscribe to our email list Email SUBSCRIBE Thanks for subscribing!

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