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  • 1:1 Online Training (1.5 Hours)

    Invest in the best - Social Media Training for business owners. Get Trained by industry experts and receive the extensive knowledge of university lecturers. INDIVIDUAL 90 minute session £145 A bespoke 1-1 session in which you decide what we teach you. You can present us with a list of everything you wish to learn. We can also give you a generalised lesson covering the important aspects of social media which will help to increase your sales. All training is online and will be held via zooms or teams. You are welcome to record the session. Please have something to take notes with, and ensure you are logged into your social accounts before the session.

  • 1:1 Social Media Training Course

    An in-depth and perfectly structured course, teaching you the ins and outs of social media, and how to maximise your sales online. Suitable for those with an existing knowledge, as well as beginners. All training is online and will be held via zooms or teams. You are welcome to record the session. Please have something to take notes with, and ensure you are logged into your social accounts before the session. The course will be 4 x 90 minute sessions over the space of one month.

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  • Why should you be celebrating every single follower?

    A follower is a real person who has genuine interest in your page. If you had one person walk in to your shop/clinic/salon you would be so excited because it’s a potential buyer. They might not buy straight away - they might just be browsing, but there is still a very high chance of them buying from you at some point. Well, your social media platforms are your virtual shops/Salon/clinics. It’s really hard to get lost in the vanity metrics. We can stop appreciating when we gain new followers because we are always focusing on how big our page looks to other people. Its time to stop seeing numbers and start seeing the real people behind each follower. Its important to focus your energy on Who is already following you rather than constantly just trying to get more followers. Make a connection with your current followers, and take the steps to convert them to customers/clients. Get to know them, create a relationship with them as they are real people and not just a number. Give them reasons to keep following your account and to eventually buy from you ♥️ Glitter Art @yana.potter.art #contentcreator #socialmediamanagement #contentcreators#socialmediaexpert #socialmediaforbusiness#socialmediamanager #luxuryservice #beautybiz#beautyindustry #beautybusiness #lashtech #aesthetician#femaleentrepreneurs #femaleentrepreneur #bossladymindset#shehustles #womenownedbusinesses #womaninbusiness#sheboss #ladypreneur #sixfigurechick #bossbabes#hersuccess #girlpreneur #womanceo #thebossbabesociete#manifestationbabe #graphicdesigns #logodesigner#brandyourbusiness

  • This is the thought of the day, week, month, year and forever.

    THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. It is so easy to get consumed by the virtual reality of social media, and believe what we see. We put pressure on ourselves because we do not look like that person or we are not as successful as that person, but most of the time… “that person” wish they were in a completely different situation. It is likely that we are all a little bit guilty of portraying a different life to the one we actually live, Instagram gives us a platform on which we can present our own version of reality to the world. This is absolutely fine, why not?! But when you’re comparing yourself to someone else remember it is highly likely they are also showing you their own version of reality, not reality itself. This is your reminder to not let the pressures of social media get you down, to only focus on your own self growth and self love and to be proud of every single achievement no matter how big or small. Have a beautiful day 🤍 #contentcreator #socialmediamanagement #contentcreators#socialmediaexpert #socialmediaforbusiness#socialmediamanager #luxuryservice #beautybiz#beautyindustry #beautybusiness #lashtech #aesthetician#femaleentrepreneurs #femaleentrepreneur #bossladymindset#shehustles #womenownedbusinesses #womaninbusiness#sheboss #ladypreneur #sixfigurechick #bossbabes#hersuccess #girlpreneur #womanceo #thebossbabesociete#manifestationbabe #graphicdesigns #logodesigner#brandyourbusiness

  • We 🤍 a returning client, especially when they are as lovely as @baselaserstudiouk

    Another bundle of content for this incredible business… how luxurious do these feel?! Want some posts of your own? 🤍PERSONALISED SOCIAL MEDIA POST’S 🤍 Whether you need a few posts or an entire month's worth of engagement provoking social media content, we have your back. We create luxurious and bespoke feed and story content ready for you to post for as little as £45 (the cost of 5 posts). How does it work? You can either provide us with a list of content you would like, or we can offer suggestions if you're unsure! Either way, we will collaborate to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your content. 🤍 5 pieces £45 🤍 10 pieces £85 🤍 15 pieces £120 🤍 20 pieces £150 🤍 25 pieces £185 🤍 30 pieces £220 #contentcreator #socialmediamanagement #contentcreators#socialmediaexpert #socialmediaforbusiness#socialmediamanager #luxuryservice #beautybiz#beautyindustry #beautybusiness #lashtech #aesthetician#femaleentrepreneurs #femaleentrepreneur #bossladymindset#shehustles #womenownedbusinesses #womaninbusiness#sheboss #ladypreneur #sixfigurechick #bossbabes#hersuccess #girlpreneur #womanceo #thebossbabesociete#manifestationbabe #graphicdesigns #logodesigner#brandyourbusiness

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  • Website Design | Socialuxe UK

    Instagram Makeovers If I am thriving on social media, do I really need a website? The answer is plain and simple. Yes, you do. ​ Not only does a website create legitimacy for your business, but it will also create the opportunity for passive income. Customers and clients will be able to purchase things directly through your website which means less admin work for you. ​ A website can create trust and set you higher than your competitors. ​ It is also important to have a plan B in case something were to happen to your Instagram account. Your website will naturally store emails from those people who have purchased from you, so you would always be able to contact your followers. If you've invested in our social media management course , you'll already know that our recommendation for website design is High Flying Design Studio - a website studio based in Colchester, serving clients worldwide. ​ If you're an entrepreneur looking to invest in a website, you can now get 10% off by inquiring directly through the link below. ​ Want to see design examples? Scroll down! Ready to get the ball rolling? ​ VIEW PACKAGES & PRICING REQUEST YOUR PERSONALISED QUOTE Browse our previous web design projects... I NEED THIS Wondering what it would feel like to have a website that makes you feel unstoppable without the price tag of a bespoke site? Wonder no more. Introducing our luxurious 100% editable Wix.com website templates for beauty salons, clinics, surgeries and boutiques.

  • Welcome to Socialuxe UK | Socialuxe UK


  • Instagram Training Masterclasses | Socialuxe UK

    Online Masterclasses Insta Makeover Masterclass SOLD OUT Money Moves Masterclass SOLD OUT Want to be notified when a new masterclass is released? FOLLOW @SOCIALUXEUK ON INSTAGRAM

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