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  • Think big, ACT BIGGER

    Think big, ACT BIGGER. Big goals cause us to expand our vision (to make room for the goal). When we do this, we confront the reality that there are changes that must take place in our business or our life in order for the goal to be achieved. Start making changes that will have significant positive long term benefits. This will create a ripple effect that spills over into other areas of our life in a positive way. Big goals cause us to confront reality We have to be honest with ourselves, and address either our poor habits and behaviors (if it is a personal goal) or our poor systems and processes (or lack thereof) if it is a business goal. When we set big goals we are forced to look inward first and make changes there. Remember, If the thought doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, then you are not thinking big enough. TAKE ACTION. Identify what is standing between you and your goals, and make the necessary changes. Have a beautiful Sunday everyone & please keep dreaming 💭

  • RED FLAGS 🚩🚩🚩🚩

    RED FLAG ALERT! When they question your prices…RUN!!! Jokes, but it’s definitely a red flag if someone asks you to lower your prices, here’s why. Never, ever under value yourself. You have set your prices for a reason, because you are worth every penny and your hard work and skillset shows for it! If a customer is asking you to lower your prices, they don’t value you or your work! They only want the product or service for as cheap as possible. (Hey, they’ll soon learn what cheap will get them when they go to someone much less experienced and skilled as you) What they don’t realise is that your price, equates to your level of expertise. From every angle. The quality of the product or service that you offer. The quality of the work that goes into it. The time and effort that goes into creating it. And the details that you work on to ensure it’s perfect for them. NEVER lower your prices for anyone! You don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t value you or what you do. In fact, raise em girl. You deserve more - raise those prices queen.


    ❌ TRIGGER ❌ If your price is “too high” for someone.... they are NOT your target market/ideal client. I have been told this a few times, however I never take offence. My services are priced fairly for the time and hard work that goes into them. Let me clarify... ITS OKAY IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD SOMETHING. And... ITS OKAY IF SOMEONE CAN’T AFFORD YOU. Times are bloody hard. Those who have spare money are incredibly lucky! The aim of this isn’t to make people feel bad about not being able to afford something. At @socialuxeuk we accommodate to all budgets and offer services of a smaller price such as masterclasses & Ebooks. This way, no one loses out! (Small biz? Offer products/services which vary in price!) HOWEVER, I firstly need to emphasise that telling someone their product or service is “way too expensive” is actually pretty rude. By saying this, you are basically telling them they are not worth that much. They don’t deserve that much. For a small business, especially in these times....it can really get you down to hear that, and make you question yourself. A few polite alternatives: - This is slightly out of budget but thank you for your time! - Thank you! I will have a think and get back to you! - For now I will have to pass, but possibly in the future we can work together! ....it’s really that SIMPLE. YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOWER YOUR PRICES.....PERIOD. It can seem tempting when you get feedback like the above....but don’t do it. You are only doing a disservice to yourself and your hard work. Your prices won’t be for everyone and thats okay. If you are patient and take the steps to ensure your IDEAL CLIENT/CUSTOMER finds you, then working for the money you DESERVE is one of the most rewarding feelings. When you are being paid what you deserve, it only motivates you to work even harder for your client/customer to ensure they are 100% satisfied. 𝐊𝐍𝐎𝐖 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐑 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐇, 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐍 𝐀𝐃𝐃 𝐓𝐀𝐗. Your prices are “HIGH END”...but so are you sis. ❓HOW TO AVOID THIS?❓ Establish yourself as a LEADER within your niche. PROVE the value that your product/service provides.

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  • Instagram Grid Templates | One Month of Content | Socialuxe UK

    Ebook Are you looking to give your Instagram a GLOW UP and stand out against your competitors? Look no further. We have created 30 pieces of beautiful and valuable content to give your page the makeover it needs and deserves. Each and every piece is 100% editable so you are able to personalise it to fit in with your own branding. ​ It is important to have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram in order to create a great first impression to potential customers and clients. ​ You have lifetime access to these grid templates which means you can repurpose each one and use it forever - never running out of content again! ​ Please note that all of our templates are non-refundable. Luxurious Wix Website Templates Price £55.00 Best Seller Aesthetics Practitioners Mega Bundle Regular Price £45.00 Sale Price £30.00 Best Seller 30 Days of Content: Aesthetics Industry Price £37.99 30 Days of Content: Beauty Industry Price £29.99 30 Days of Microblading Content Price £37.99 30 Days of Content: Lash Technician Price £37.99 30 Instagram Captions for the Aesthetics Industry Price £13.99 50 Caption Templates for Product Based Businesses Regular Price £24.99 Sale Price £12.99

  • Instagram Marketing Training | Socialuxe UK

    Social Media Management Learn the ins and outs of the business, and how we went from 0 - 5 figure months. ENROLL Individual Insta Training (1:1) Learn how to plan and implement an effective social media marketing strategy. LEARN MORE Instagram Training eBook All the information you need on how to boss your business Instagram. BUY Whether you are here looking for social media training to help you level up your business Instagram account yourself or are interested in becoming a social media manager yourself, we have the course for you. Canva Training Learn how to create stunning, professional social media graphics in Canva. Become a Canva expert. ENROLL Bespoke 1:1 Training Gain access to our founder for 90 minutes and choose what you learn. BOOK

  • Instagram Marketing Training | Socialuxe UK

    Learn how to get your business Instagram-ready by enrolling in a day-long 1:1 online training course with Socialuxe UK. You'll learn how plan and to implement an effective organic social media marketing strategy. ​ Course details: 4 modules via Facetime, Skype or Zoom 10am - 5pm with a 1 hour lunch break at 1pm ​ What you'll need: A transparent version of your logo (png) A fully charged phone AND laptop (or tablet) You must be logged into your business Instagram account ​ GET BOOKED IN (£597) I'M LOOKING FOR GROUP TRAINING Course Modules Instagram Training ​ Writing your bio Post & profile insights Content scheduling Content Creation DM guidance Hashtags Story content Theme creation Instagram paid ads Instagram Competitions Highlights guide Follower growth Increasing story views Engagement Content Creation ​ Instagram branding Content creation with new branding Video editing & creation of IGTV Creation of video stories & video posts Recommended Apps Marketing Training ​ Influencers Finding local clients Seeking out new clients Business Training ​ Increasing sales Creating consistent income Taking your business online Business growth LOOKING FOR CONDENSED TRAINING? SCHEDULE A 90 MIN 1:1 TRAINING CALL WATCH A MASTERCLASS INSTEAD

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