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The Social Media Manual for Aesthetics Practitioners (EBOOK)

The Social Media Manual for Aesthetics Practitioners (EBOOK)


You are now about to discover our Social Media Manual. 

We get it, building your business online can be long-winded. The last thing you want to do is to spend time building your social media presence for it not to work. 


Your A-Z guide is here. With over 70 pages of expert information, you will learn how to grow, scale and most importantly monetise your social media accounts.
We share exclusive hacks that will speed up your bookings and enquires, as well as detailed, step by step breakdowns.

All the information in this ebook is specifically created for aesthetic practitioners.

We have spent hours perfecting our social media guides to the best version they could be with all the information you need. That is why our products are beneficial to you! 


You can now enhance your business and learn how to can use social media to your full advantage.

Just try it out! It's kinda magical! (And the best part? It will not break the bank!)


Social Media Manual


1. Purchase our Manual
2. You will receive an email with a link to download the file
3. Open the file and it will take you to a PDF document
4. Read the information, implement into your business and you're good to go!

Instagram Followers 
Converting followers to clients
Gaining targeted followers 
Content top tips
Content idea’s 
Call to actions 
The best time to post
Influencer Marketing 
Engagement Story views 
Instagram Live
What you can and can’t post
Hashtags (includes a hashtag vault)
Different types of hashtags
Filters and editing 
Facebook for business
Facebook booking system 
Facebook adsMeta business suite
Facebook groups
Successful Facebook group tips
TIK TOK Action blocked
Engagement limits
Writing your bio& more!

Socialuxe is all about helping Aesthetics Practitioners and Beauty Industry Professionals to achieve outstanding content for their social media through beautiful templates and stand-out clip art. So join the community of over 700 Beauty and Aesthetics professionals and smash your socials!

*COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: This Ebook is not available for resale.This includes: - Social Media Managers, or any relevant service provider are NOT permitted to purchase this for the use of coaching their clients. This includes both sending the ebook to clients, as well as using the ebook as a course curriculum, unless the client is made aware in a written agreement that socialuxeuk is the provider of the ebook or course curriculum.- Resale in any way, shape or form.
We will take immediate legal action in the case of copyright infringement, which will result of compensation for any loss of potential or actual profit.

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    You will receive a PDF via email, once your purchase is complete.

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