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The Facebook Ads Manual

The Facebook Ads Manual

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You are now about to discover our Facebook Ads Manual.

We get it, building your business online can be long-winded. The last thing you want to do is to spend time building your social media presence for it not to work. 


Have you ever wondered how to actually use Facebook Ads for your aesthetics & beauty business or Training Academy?


If you have ever seen your competitors or other marketers sharing their results and growth from Facebook Ads and thought "how do they do it?!"... then you're not alone!


This is exactly why we have teamed up to bring you The Facebook Ads Manual for aesthetics, beauty & training providers (the right way!)


Yep, that doesnt mean boosting posts, actually using Facebook Ads Manager and the incredible features it offers!


Because we know the incredible power of Facebook Ads…And how they can supply you with consistent, dreamy inquiries from potential clients!


Simply by reaching more people who are interested in your services & programs, you can truly grow and scale your business!


You can now enhance your business and learn how to can use social media to your full advantage.

Just try it out! It's kinda magical! (And the best part? It will not break the bank!)


Facebook Ads Manual



1. Purchase our Manual
2. You will receive an email with a link to download the file
3. Open the file and it will take you to a PDF document
4. Read the information, implement into your business and you're good to go!


How to set up your account properly (A-Z)

Custom & Look-a-like audiences

Verifying your domain

Ad copy

Do’s & Don’ts


Instant Forms


What the Facebook Pixel is

The exact campaign objectives you need to use to collect new inquiries

The ad Creative

Step-by-step process of setting up your first Facebook Ad

And much much more!!


*You can not resell any of the clip art or images inside the bundles, you will be liable for copyright infringement if you do so.

Socialuxe is all about helping Aesthetics Practitioners and Beauty Industry Professionals to achieve outstanding content for their social media through beautiful templates and stand-out clip art. So join the community of over 700 Beauty and Aesthetics professionals and smash your socials!

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