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If I am thriving on social media, do I really need a website?

The answer is plain and simple. Yes, you do.

Not only does a website create legitimacy for your business, but it will also create the opportunity for passive income. Customers and clients will be able to purchase things directly through your website which means less admin work for you.

A website can create trust and set you higher than your competitors.

It is also important to have a plan B in case something were to happen to your Instagram account. Your website will naturally store emails from those people who have purchased from you, so you would always be able to contact your followers.

If you've invested in our social media management course, you'll already know that our recommendation for website design is High Flying Design - a female-led digital and web design studio. 

If you're an entrepreneur looking to invest in a website, you can now get 10% off by inquiring directly through the link below. 

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