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1:1 CANVA Training (1.5 Hours)

1:1 CANVA Training (1.5 Hours)


Ever wondered how to create stunning, professional social media graphics?


Well, now you can!

(No need for photoshop or expensive programs!)
Introducing the bespoke 1-1 Design Training Session


90 minute session £347


Learn everything you need to know about creating beautiful and engagement provoking graphics! 

 - Canva Introduction
- Picmonkey Introduction
 - How to view and edit templates
 - How to use Canva tools
- How to use Picmonkey tools
- Glitter
- Shiny Text
- Animated Stories
 - Font effects
 - Post formats
 - Background remover
 - Picture colour search
 - Creating Social Media posts
 - Clip Art
 - Fading Images
 - Animation
 - & Much More!


Canva and Picmonkey are widely used graphic design platforms that offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to create stunning visuals for a variety of purposes.


This session contains everything you need to know to become an expert and create high quality, luxury social media posts, posters, stickers, marketing materials and more! 


Our 1:1 design session is incredibly valuable for anyone who wants to improve their design skills, create compelling visuals for their personal brand or workplace, or level up their design knowledge in a short amount of time.
We will organise a time and a date that suits you after purchase.

The course will be held via Zoom - where we will screen share demonstrations. The session is recorded and a copy of the session will be emailed to you for you to rewatch as many times as you would like.


PLEASE READ - The date & time you select when purchasing is NOT the date your training will be. This is because we need time to put together a personalised session for you. Upon purchasing we will contact you to arrange a time & date that suits you.

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