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We get it, it’s very frustrating… Especially when it was a loyal client.

We often see a lot of toxicity surrounding the idea of people stealing each other’s clients.

Of course we all have reasons we are trying so hard within our businesses, and every client means a lot to us.

However, it is extremely important to try not to focus on who is stealing your clients, and instead, invest energy into making sure that your clients with say loyal to you.

It can also be extremely offputting and intimidating for a client to see you involving yourself publicly in drama with another business in your industry.

When people are paying for a service or product, they want to know that they are in the trusted hands of a professional, not someone who gets in arguments on Facebook or blasts people on their stories 👀👀

Things to invest your time in:

Customer relationships

Providing the best service possible

Loyalty rewards

Customer/client shout outs

Remaining kind and approachable

Focusing on this rather than on who is stealing your clients will ensure that your clients will never have a wandering eye for another person in your industry.

If, on the off chance they leave you to find someone cheaper… They were never your ideal client in the first place. Someone will replace them who is ready to pay your prices with no questions asked .

Take a deep breath, let it go, and remember how many people there are in the world. There’s absolutely enough room for all of us to succeed.

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