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I have been noticing recently a huge increase in businesses on Instagram and Facebook selling LIES AND DREAM’S in order to sell their products or services.

Now, you all know I am constantly in support of small businesses and love to see others win, but telling blatant lies about exaggerated success is wrong on so many levels.

As amazing as it is, Instagram and Facebook is full of unregulated businesses.

Let me break it down…

Imagine McDonald’s wanted to bring out a new burger and promised you that when you eat it, you’d shit out gold.

Of course this would be FALSE, and trading standards would laugh in their faces. It would never be approved, because the promised outcome is untrue.

On INSTAGRAM, there is no fact checker to see if the promises you are being told ARE true.

The main thing I am seeing is businesses owners claiming they are earning thousands and thousands per month, and that they reached this success in a matter of months.

They will show you a certain luxury lifestyle they are apparently living; to make you think wow they really are so successful and living their best life.

(Btw looking rich and successful on Instagram is very easy)

Once they have sucked you in to their false reality, they will shortly let you know that “YOU TOO CAN LIVE LIKE ME IF YOU BUY MY BOOK/COURSE/PRODUCT”

They make you feel like everything you have been doing in your business is WRONG, and that you can only achieve success with their help. You NEED them.

Starting to make sense now?

For me this feels extremely exploitative on small businesses who are struggling and trying their best. They are easy targets and will likely think that buying this dream product or service is a shortcut to success.

THEN, when they have bought it and still don’t achieve “70k CASH MONTHS” it means they are still doing things wrong and need MORE help from said “professional”.

DISCLAIMER - There are so many amazing professionals out there who really have achieved incredible success…however 9 times out of 10 they are not constantly talking about it and it would not of been overnight.

Its a f**kin Journey.

(Successful & Truthful entrepreneurs this is not aimed at you)

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