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✨ NO ✨

One of the most important words you will ever know in life and in business.

It’s really easy to become a people pleaser especially when you’re trying to run a successful business and you want to keep all of your customers/clients happy.

However, unfortunately by saying yes all the time, you actually end up overwhelmed and overworked and you really need to set boundaries.

In the beginning of my business I was constantly saying yes to everything and I never wanted to turn away any kind of work, this meant that when I did say no for whatever reason…my clients were almost offended that I had told them I wasn’t able to do something.

I found myself running around like a headless chicken doing extras for all of my clients.

By setting boundaries in the beginning of working with your client, they will naturally know that they cannot take the p*ss.

Now I keep it very clear with all my clients that there must be a mutual respect when working together.

Another reason why you should be saying no to certain things is that people can sense the desperation of a business owner who’s trying to break into a market. And from a customer’s perspective, desperation can be quite a turn off.

While you might be completely snowed under with work and are showing true ambition by taking on even more, always saying yes to jobs or deal terms can lead your prospective client to believe that you aren’t particularly busy.

Respecting your own time and services will always cause others to respect your time as well.

Boundaries are really one of the most important things when it comes to successful friendships, relationships and businesses...

However, it can’t feel awkward to say no sometimes so we have provided a little list of how to politely but firmly say no.

I hope you find it useful 🤍


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