Instagram Engagement Groups

Do you want guaranteed engagement on all your posts? Introducing Socialuxe UK's Engagement Pods.

What is an engagement pod?

An Instagram group chat in which everyone sends in their most recent post and all participants saves, shares, likes and comments.

How does it work?

The increased engagement signals to Instagram that your post is popular and will initiate further reach to your followers.

The Algorithm Explained

The new algorithm places content with higher engagement at the top of the feed. Content with low engagement rates are removed from the feed. 

When posting, Instagram will show your post to only 10% of your followers. If that 10% doesn't engage, the rest of your followers you worked so hard to get, won't see your post!

If your followers engage, your post will remain on the feed and will receive the opportunity to gain a higher reach.


If you continue to receive engagement after Instagram shows the post to more of your followers, you will move higher up the feed and will remain there for a period of time.


Design and Marketing Agency

Such an amazing and supportive group! Helps you through those small business owner days when you need that extra push to keep going. So lucky to have this online community!

Fragrance Company

The best engagements groups, with the most supportive and lovely group of girls. The support and friends I have made from these pods have been crazy.

Shoe Company

I joined the group with about 10 followers and I’m so happy with my growth - I'm now at over 700 followers.

Rose Quartz Points | Luxury Social Media Management