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I teach people how to CREATE MORE TIME, MONEY & FREEDOM by selling digital products. 

Picture me as your digital guide, steering you through this online adventure to craft a life uniquely yours. Together, we're rewriting the rules and building a future that's as empowering as it is fulfilling—where opportunities flourish, autonomy reigns, and each day is a step closer to our dream life.

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Ways YOU can learn:

Where to begin with turning Canva templates into profit on Etsy

Enroll in our course and learn how to sell digital products

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HEY! I'm Fay, your new digital director...

I'm the founder of Socialuxe UK, originally dedicated to simplifying social media for female entrepreneurs. However, after experiencing burnout, I shifted my focus towards empowering individuals to generate predominantly passive income, offering more time, money, and freedom. My mission is to guide others in creating a life on their terms—a life without excessive hustling, where work doesn't consume every waking moment. Whether through starting a business or exploring alternative income streams, I aim to provide individuals with the freedom to pursue their passions. Together, let's build a life that is fulfilling, flexible, and financially rewarding. Read my story

Social media consultant Fay Harris
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